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I’m Maria Sherover, I was born and raised in Israel. I’m 31 years old, and have graduated from the Hebrew University, the faculty of Agriculture. I have BSC in Animal Science. I’ve loved dogs since I remember myself. My first dog was a Doberman Pincher. I got it when I turned 12. He wasn’t an easy dog. I started reading books and articles and tried to train it by my self. The dog even won a prize on a local obedience competition. Dog training has become a hobby, and I have been able to help many dog owners to love and understand their dogs, and accept the fact that dogs think and react differently than human beings.

My first encounter with the Caucasian Ovcharka dogs was during my work as a dog trainer. In Summer 2003, A nice family had received a puppy. Being inexperienced, they did many mistakes while training and socializing the puppy, and by the time they decided to seek professional help, the 7 month old puppy bit a guest who had visited their home. I started working with the puppy and this was love at first sight. The CO was the very first breed that gave me a real challenge, I’ve worked with service dogs, but even the toughest ones didn’t have the drive, commitment and passion to work that the CO does. I was impressed by it’s intelligence as well as it’s loyalty, and natural defense drive. The CO put my skills as both a dog trainer, and a pack leader to the test. I’ve always wanted to breed dogs, and spending time with that puppy, made me realize the CO is the breed for me. My one and only love, until this very day.

I am planning to relocate to Poland in the near future, mainly because the climate in Israel in not proper for my dogs. My dogs are my best friends, and I will do anything for their happiness and well-being.



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